Rental Assistance Program

IFCH Launches New Rental Assistance Program

Our December Virus rent and utility payments will mark the end of the Virus rent program.

Starting in January IFCH’s new rental assistance program will provide exactly twelve monthly payments of $500 ($6,000 for the year) for each enrolled applicant. As there are more applications than can be funded, a new lottery drawing has already selected the first 18 recipients.

After 21 months the need for the Virus rent program has ended. IFCH received over $400,000 in donations and distributed most of these funds. IFCH became aware of a non-Virus-related need for rent subsidies on Vashon.

Many people on Vashon are spending over 50% of their income on rent! Leftover seed money from earlier donations, and new donations, provided $108,000 to finance the start of the New Vashon Subsidized Rent Program. The first 18 recipients will receive this $108,000 in monthly checks payable to the respective landlords. As future donations are received, each time they reach $6,000, IFCH will start assistance for the next eligible recipient.

Hilary Emmer, the program’s manager, hopes to add more families to the program in the next couple of weeks. Can you help us to add $12,000 to needy families? And as future donations are received and grow to $6,000, IFCH will add the next eligible recipient.

You can donate on the website or mail a check to IFCH P.O. Box 330, Vashon 98070. Please enter “New Rent Program” in the check memo line. You can also donate directly on this website.

IFCH is continuing to provide free meals six nights per week, free laundry every Tuesday, occasional rent assistance in addition to that provided by the new rent assistance program, and many other needs. Thank you for your support. Please click the button below for more information about Vashon Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness.

Mary Van Gemert, President, James Dam, Treasurer,

Hilary Emmer, Program Coordinator

Vashon IFCH is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN#: 74-3101551.

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